Your first 10.000 photographs …

… are your worst.” (Henri Cartier-Bresson)

I will post some out of my first 10.000 photographs anyway, because I DO like them! Enjoy!

And some other creative stuff I am going to do in the future …

Music was my first love …

… and it will be my last …”

Music has always been an important part of my life. Be it listening to favorite tunes or play my guitar or piano. Music can cheer me up and calm me down, it can change my mood, it can carry me away, make me dram and take me to any place …

Music will always be a daily companion in my life. Enjoy my random collection!

The World of Tiers

World of Tiers

I am actually not really a big science fiction fan, but this book (which actually consists of several books) has caught my attention years ago. Again it is a book that paints pictures in my mind, Philip José Farmer creates whole new worlds with his colorful writing style. I wish I could just paint the pictures in my mind, just let them flow onto some canvas right through my arm, they would make some great art!

East of Eden

eden3 This is definitely one of my alltime favorite books. I love it when reading a book creates colorful pictures inside my mind. This book does! I have read it more than once, and every time I am amazed about the language Steinbeck used to describe people and landscapes.

And the pictures i have in my mind about the Salinas Valley or the Hamiltons have little to do with the James Dean movie which actually only represents half of the book anyway. The language of John Steinbeck is really triggering my imagination.

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Joe B

My guitar hero … I saw him live last year and going to see him again in March, so looking forward to it!